Welcome to Innovating for conservation

Champion of wildlife charities and supporting communities, Veronica Pickering will introduce some inspiring stories that show how conservation can succeed through creativity and innovation.

Want to hear more from Veronica? She chaired a Q&A session about how we can innovate for conservation at 8pm on Wednesday 31 March.

Veronica Pickering

Veronica Moraa Pickering was born in Kenya and moved to England with her parents in the late 60’s. She is married to Nottinghamshire-born artist Roy Pickering. In May 2013 Veronica was appointed as a Deputy Lieutenant for Nottinghamshire. For more than 25 years, Veronica worked with families from multicultural communities in London’s east end, and also internationally as a child protection consultant with the UN and other NGOs across Africa. She is now an Executive Coach and consultant championing the needs of diverse communities, advising organisations on diversity and inclusion strategies and on developing partnership. In September 2018 Veronica was appointed and approved by Her Majesty the Queen as an HAC (Honorary Air Commodore) for 504 (Nottingham Squadron).

Veronica is an RSPB Council Member and RSPB England Committee Member, she is also a National Ambassador for the Woodland Trust.

Her reason for optimism in engaging communities in the environmental movement: “For a new, sustainable future we need new ideas. We’ve got to keep talking to everyone and be ready to hear their contributions including those we may not normally engage with.”

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