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Liz Bonnin is a TV and radio presenter passionate about environmental issues and how to solve the planetary crisis. Join us for a short message from Liz before her conversation with Sir David Attenborough where she posed your questions to him.

Liz Bonnin

Liz Bonnin has presented over 40 primetime science and natural history programmes including Blue Planet Live, Super Smart Animals, Galapagos and Horizon. A life-long nature lover and biochemistry graduate, Liz completed a Masters in wild animal biology with the Royal Veterinary College and Zoological Society of London, during which she set up a research project to study tigers in Nepal. After graduating, she decided to pursue her passion for science and conservation as a TV presenter, to inspire audiences to care about the natural world. Her recent landmark BBC One documentary Drowning in Plastic investigated the ocean plastic crisis and raised the level of public debate on this important topic. Other notable work has included Operation Snow Tiger, a series on Amur tigers for BBC Two, tracking the world’s largest big cat during the harsh winter of the Russian Far East, and BAFTA award-winning Big Blue Live for BBC One and PBS in the US, a marine wildlife extravaganza in which humpbacks, great white sharks and blue whales, amongst other animals, were filmed Live. Liz also presented the award winning Galapagos for BBC One, a three part series which saw Liz join a team of scientists carrying out ground-breaking research, and undertake her first submersible dive to 1km beneath the waves, the deepest anyone had gone on the archipelago. Today, Liz regularly speaks at and hosts science and natural history events across the country, including the National Science + Engineering Competition, the Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards, New Scientist Live and Blue Dot Festival.

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