Stubborn optimism

Co-author, with Paris Climate Agreement Champion Christiana Figueres, of The Future we Choose, Tom Rivett-Carnac sets out the case for what they describe as Stubborn Optimism – a mindset based on grit and determination in the face of daunting but unavoidable challenge.

Tom Rivett-Carnac

Tom Rivett-Carnac co-founded Global Optimism together with Christiana Figueres in 2017, when the pair departed the UN, having successfully secured the historic Paris Agreement on Climate Change. During his tenure at the UN, Tom ran political strategy, prior to which he was President of CDP North America. Tom co-authored the bestselling book, ​The Future We Choose​ with Christiana Figueres and co-hosts a lively weekly podcast ​Outrage + Optimism​ . He serves as an advisor on delivering climate ambition to some of the world’s most influential corporations and philanthropic leaders.

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