Responding to the biodiversity and climate crisis

Climate strike campaigner Junayd Islam sets out how young people are responding positively to the ecological crisis facing our planet. What are the aims of the movement, what has it achieved so far, and what are its plans as we look to the future?

Junayd Ul Islam

Junayd Ul Islam is a Youth Striker 4 Climate. He was inspired by Greta Thunberg to turn climate consciousness into action and took to the streets in the first nationwide Youth Strike 4 Climate. Since then, he has been an active member of the Cambridge Schools Eco Council, who organise the Cambridge Youth Strikes, collaborate in community events and meet with local businesses and politicians to get constructive action. He helps organise public events and actions, many bringing attention to key climate issues; he also speaks at them! His reason for being optimistic about the future: “We have the money, we have the technology, we have the ideas. All that’s left – is the will. The political, corporate and individual will”

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