As an introduction to Earth Optimism's session on Reasons for Optimism, Andrew Balmford and Rosie Trevelyan talk about changing the narrative around nature conservation.

Come back on Monday 29 March to watch the premier

Want to hear more from Rosie? She's going to be chairing the Q&A session with Chris Packham at 8pm on Monday 29 March.

Andrew Balmford

Andrew Balmford is Professor of Conservation Science in the Department of Zoology at the University of Cambridge. His research focuses on the costs and benefits of conservation, how to best reconcile conservation and farming and examining what works in conservation. He is the author of ‘Wild Hope: On the Front Lines of Conservation Success’ (2012). Andrew currently runs the Student Conference on Conservation Science with Rhys Green, Rosie Trevelyan and Ed Turner. After Nancy Knowlton’s 2016 presentation at the Student Conference on Conservation Science, he and Rosie Trevelyan co-convened the 2017 Cambridge Earth Optimism Summit.

Rosie Trevelyan

Dr. Rosie Trevelyan is the Director of the Tropical Biology Association (TBA), an NGO that is building the capacity of conservation professionals from around the world. The TBA has offices in Cambridge and Nairobi, with over 2,500 alumni who have taken part in the TBA’s field courses and specialist programmes. Rosie is a co-organiser of the Student Conference on Conservation Science and is a trustee of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, the SE Asia Research Programme and is a council member of the Cambridge Conservation Initiative. She co-founded the Cambridge Conservation Forum in 1998 and 2017 Cambridge Earth Optimism Summit with Andrew Balmford.