One of India's leading conservation biologists Dr Krithi Karanth discusses how big creatures are staging a comeback in some of the most densely populated places on Earth.

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Krithi K. Karanth

Dr. Krithi K. Karanth is Chief Conservation Scientist and Director at the Centre for Wildlife Studies and an adjunct faculty member at Duke and National Centre for Biological Sciences. Her research in India and Asia spans over 23 years and encompasses many issues in human dimensions of wildlife conservation. She has conducted macro-level studies assessing patterns of species distributions and extinctions, impacts of wildlife tourism, consequences of voluntary resettlement, land use change and understanding human-wildlife interactions. Krithi’s conservation and research work has been featured in more than 200 international media outlets and 3 award-winning BBC Series – The Hunt, Big Cats and Dynasties. Krithi has mentored over 200 young scientists and engaged more than 700 citizen science volunteers in her research and conservation projects. For her outstanding work, Krithi was honoured as a National Geographic Society Emerging Explorer in 2012, 2019 Rolex Laureate and 2020 Eisenhower Fellow.