RSPB’s Global Conservation Director, Martin Harper, takes us on a journey around the UK showing how Europe’s largest conservation charity is working with industry, local communities and government to restore nature at scale.

Martin Harper

Martin Harper is the Global Conservation Director of the RSPB. He leads the charity’s strategy for evidence, practical conservation and influence (in the UK, the 14 UK Overseas Territories and, working with the BirdLife International partnership, across the Africa-European flyway and globally where we can make a difference). He is a member of BirdLife International’s Global Council as well as a member of its European and Central Asia Committee. Away from work, Martin enjoys family life with his wife and two children. His reason for being optimistic about the future is that “we have shown that we can protect special places, recover threatened species and restore landscapes which gives confidence that, with the right popular and political mandate, we have what it takes to address the ecological and climate emergency.”

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