Visit the Maldives with Lisa Sabry to find out what's being done to secure one of the world's most important sites for sharks - and discover and why local tuna fisherman are proving powerful conservation allies.

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Lisa Sabry

Lisa Sabry is studying for her MPhil in Conservation Leadership at the University of Cambridge. She has always had an appreciation for nature and considered herself lucky to grow up in the Maldives, an island nation with outstanding marine biological diversity and beauty. She started her conservation journey by joining the Ministry of Environment of Maldives to work for a donor funded project on wetland management and coral reef conservation. At the end of this project, Lisa joined the Biodiversity Conservation Unit of Ministry of Environment as a civil servant. She now work as an ‘Environment Analyst,’ striving to bring about positive impacts to the lives of Maldivians as well as our ecosystems by addressing challenges such as climate change impacts. Lisa has been involved in policy formulation for biodiversity conservation, designation of Marine Protected Areas, establishing effective management plans for these areas, protection of endangered species, designing biodiversity conservation projects and representing Maldives in international negotiations of biodiversity related multilateral environmental agreements. Her aim is to achieve conservation and management of biodiversity and natural capital of Maldives in line with national priorities, needs, commitments and international obligations which brings about sustainable development.