Wear on vehicle tyres is the second biggest source of microplastics washing into the world's oceans. Smart innovation by a team of four young entrepreneurs from around the world now offers hope for stopping these emissions at source.

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Want to hear more from Siobhan Anderson and Hugo Richardson from the Tyre Collective? She's going to be participating in a live Q&A about how we can choose sustainability at 8pm on Tuesday 30 March.

The Tyre Collective

The Tyre Collective is a clean-tech company, building innovative solutions to save our air from tyre wear.

This deadly dust is the second-largest microplastic pollutant in our oceans and a stealthy source of air PM pollution. We are developing the first on-vehicle device to capture tyre wear at source. Captured particles can be reused and recycled, creating a closed-loop system. We are spearheading the capture and monitoring of tyre wear, accelerating the shift towards zero-emission mobility.