More than thirty passionate speakers will present compelling accounts of conservation success. There will be talks by UK-based experts and youth leaders, as well as inspiring conservation projects from further afield. We’ll journey to the wetlands of Kenya and the reefs of the Maldives, as well as find out what’s happening in the British countryside and in pioneering schools in Brighton and Ghana. We will hear from a climate campaigner, from the engineers who have invented an extraordinary device for stopping car pollution at source, and from one of the architects of the ground-breaking Paris Climate Agreement. Our Stories of Hope speakers will share their stories of what it takes to bring critically endangered species like the pink pigeon back from the brink, remove plastic waste from the oceans, and dramatically shrink an organisation’s carbon footprint.

Alongside these talks, there will also be the chance to ask some of the speakers questions at several Q&A sessions throughout the week.

Reasons for Optimism

Premiering on Monday 29 March

Choosing Sustainability

Premiering on Tuesday 30 March

Innovating for Conservation

Premiering on Wednesday 31 March

Saving Species

Premiering on Thursday 1 April

Making Space for Nature

Premiering on Saturday 3 April

Hope for our Planet

Premiering on Sunday 4 April

Stories from Around the World

Premiering on Friday 26 March