Connect with insects

Insect pets can teach you about nature

Play games about wildlife

Be inspired to get involved in wildlife conservation through a variety of digital experiences and games.

Children and the circular economy: The story of Gobble the Goblin

What happens when we use all our natural resources? Listen the story of Gobble, a very hungry goblin that had to learn the hard way how to care for his planet.

Food for our future kids' activities

Get the kids involved and engaged in reducing food waste and composting with our activities and resources.

Paper potting solution to plastic pot pollution

We all love to grow seeds and plants at home, but this has led to vast amounts of plastic waste from the plant pots. Find out how you can make your own paper pots to combat this issue.

WLT’s educational resources for the conservationists of tomorrow

World Land Trust has created educational resources and videos to inspire young conservationists – visit our page to find out more.

Upcycling & re-purposing our play

Never has getting it right for both our children and the environment been so easy. Jigsaw explain how you can upcycle and repurpose common items to create fantastic new toys.