Shrink your Carbon Footprint

Want to take action on climate change? Take part in this activity to learn more about carbon footprints, calculate your own, and find out how you can reduce your carbon emissions and help others too.

What's the evidence?

These days it is easy to be taken in by flashy headlines and social media posts claiming to have the answers to the questions about how to conserve and protect biodiversity. But how can you separate fact from fiction?

Ways to help stop deforestation and take action

69 football fields’ worth of trees are cut down every minute, amounting to around 260,000 sq. km of forests destroyed every year. That’s roughly the size of the United Kingdom! But what can you to do help?

Solar geoengineering

What is solar geoengineering and how could this climate intervention help? Find out more from Harvard Professor David Keith.

Taking the small steps

For small organisations at the start of their sustainable journey the road ahead can be daunting. Jigsaw will share with you some of the small changes which could get you moving on that journey.

A global movement to save land: Conservation win stories from World Land Trust

When families and individuals choose WLT’s Carbon Balanced programme, your emission offsetting makes the difference it needs to make for future generations. Join us as we save the very places – tropical forests – scientists agree must be saved to stand a chance against global warming!

Our One Home petition

Act today and demand that the health of the planet becomes a priority.

Greener businesses

Want to hear more about how your business can become more sustainable, saving money, jobs and the planet?

The following activities happened live on Friday 2 April:

Pension power

How can our pensions be used to tackle the climate crisis? Join us for this live workshop at 1pm on Friday 2 April to find out.

Bringing nature in – biophilic and living design

In conversation with an expert panel, sharing their experience of integrating natural solutions with homes and workplaces and looking to the future of living design, followed by an audience Q&A at 8pm on Friday 2 April.