Food for our future

Find out what simple changes to your household food shopping and cooking habits you can make to help reduce your carbon footprint.

Zero-waste shopping

Saving the planet, one refill at a time. Find our how Full Circle are making going zero-waste in Cambridge both effortless and enjoyable.

What’s the best way of farming for nature?

What decisions can you make to reduce the impact of your food choices on biodiversity?

Keep fish on your plate and in the sea, forever

2021 is a chance to make better choices for us, and our planet. Where better to start than with the food we eat every day. Check out these top tips from MSC to help you make better seafood choices every day.

Eat chocolate. Save a rainforest

How can eating chocolate help to save a rainforest? Find out how you can shop smart to help reduce deforestation while indulging in your favourite treat.

Saving the rainforest, one sip at a time

Find out how Puro coffee consumers have enabled the purchase and protection of nearly 400km2 of rainforest and how you too can choose sustainability.

Rubbish cooks

‘Rubbish’ food doesn’t have to mean food waste. Join us for a cookalong with Tristain Welsh from Parker's Tavern and find out how you can make a delicious meal from unloved items lying around your kitchen.

Plants to fuel our future generations?

Could an increased focus on plant-based eating be the future of food in our educational settings? Find out how you could dramatically impact your carbon footprint with some simple but considered changes.

Clingfilm alternative

Fresher food, less food waste and no single-use plastic? There is a solution.

Thrive with plant-based food

Find out how you can help the earth by making simple switches to move towards a plant-based diet and why this is important.