Precious water

We drink it, we bathe in it, cook and clean and have fun with it. But do we leave enough for nature too? And how can we use less?

Find the wild in your bathroom

Did you know that wild plants are in the products you use every day? Find out more and learn how you can ensure they’re sustainable!

Tips for YOU to save the planet

The climate crisis is scary. So what changes can we make to our lifestyles to have a practical, meaningful impact? Here are Cambridge Youth Strikers 4 Climate with some ideas for you!

Zero-waste bathroom

Going plastic-free in the bathroom can seem daunting. Thankfully others have gone before! Learn from Gabs at Green Pear Eco what her tips are to start your journey to a zero-waste bathroom.

Living as part of a blue planet

The oceans support millions of people around the planet, but they are more connected to all of us than we think. Small daily actions make a huge difference in our impact on the marine world and we are now at a crucial time to start making a positive change!

Greening your older home, tips and inspiration

Do you own an older or listed building? Not sure what energy saving improvements you can make, watch our video!