WLT’s educational resources for the conservationists of tomorrow

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From Africa’s gorilla heartlands to Armenia’s leopard valleys, Ecuador’s jaguar rainforests and Borneo’s orangutan floodplains, the habitats protected by WLT partners are some of the most incredible places one could think of – and thanks to our Educational Resources, everyone can discover them. For the budding conservationist in every household, our materials and educational videos (suitable for Key Stage 1 & 2 curriculum), Great School Give resources and species pages will open a window into the wonders of the wild world.


How seriously does deforestation affect our planet? Find out why we need to protect forests and the species that live there from illegal logging and development.

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Human Impact

Study different ways in which humans affect the environment. For a balanced view, it looks at the benefits of nature reserves and tree planting, as well as the problems caused by deforestation.

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World Land Trust

World Land Trust (WLT) protects the world’s most biologically significant and threatened habitats acre by acre. Through a network of partner organisations around the world, WLT funds the creation of reserves and provides permanent protection for habitats and wildlife. Partnerships are developed with established and highly respected local organisations who engage support and commitment among the local community. It also works to raise awareness, in the UK and elsewhere, of the need for conservation, to improve understanding and generate support through information and fundraising.

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A global movement to save land: Conservation win stories from World Land Trust

When families and individuals choose WLT’s Carbon Balanced programme, your emission offsetting makes the difference it needs to make for future generations. Join us as we save the very places – tropical forests – scientists agree must be saved to stand a chance against global warming!

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