Wildlife adventures at Wicken Fen Nature Reserve

Photo © National Trust Images/Justin Minns

Connect with nature and explore Wicken Fen National Nature Reserve, one of Europe’s most important wetlands and home to more than 9000 species.

Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of Wicken Fen’s wild landscape, where biodiversity is given space to thrive. Discover what to look out for at Wicken Fen in this whistle-stop tour of the reserve with Ranger Ajay – find out how the Konik ponies and highland cattle help maintain the wetland habitat.  Directions, opening times, facilities and access information are on the National Trust website.

If your children need a little motivation to explore the great outdoors, then download and print our Mystery Numbers Trail, before heading to Wicken Fen for a three-mile adventure.

Photo credit: National Trust Images / Rob Coleman

Download the Mystery Numbers Trail

Looking for some greener ways of doing things at home and in your garden? The National Trust have an inspiring list of ‘How to…’ guides to help you make your own compost, make a cosy draught excluder and much more besides!

National Trust

Wicken Fen provides a window into a ‘lost landscape’ – a unique remnant of un-drained fenland which once covered the vast lowlands of East Anglia. Throughout the year there’s an amazing array of wildlife to see and hear, from booming bitterns and cuckoos in spring, rare orchids and dragonflies in summer, to hen harriers and short-eared owls in winter.

In 1999, the National Trust launched the Wicken Fen Vision, an ambitious landscape-scale conservation project to extend the reserve from Wicken south towards the outskirts of Cambridge, providing new wetland habitats for wildlife, and recreational areas for humans to enjoy.

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