Top nature-friendly tips

Nature can help us in so many ways – from positive affects to our mental health through to the food we eat! So let’s show our love of nature and give back. Here are actions that you can take, from your home, from your garden and beyond that will help give nature a chance! Join a movement of people making positive change for nature…

Get back to nature:

  1. Protect local wildlife – Our local planning packs will guide you through the process of protecting special places near you
  2. Become a Campaign Champion
  3.  Take a closer look at the natural world around you…
  4. Count birds, butterflies and other wildlife
  5. Help wildlife thrive close to home
  6. Put up a bird box – Find out how to put up, or make, nest boxes for different types of birds
  7. Create a pond – Here’s our guide to building a pond for all your garden visitors
  8. Feed the birds – Everything you need to know about feeding birds
  9. Plant flowers for bees & butterflies – Here’s the step by step guide to growing flowers for bees and here’s the guide for butterflies
  10. Use peat-free compost
  11. Plant a tree – Here’s our step-by-step guide to planting a new tree, with a list of all the equipment you’ll need
  12. Give time & skills for nature
  13. Fundraise for nature – There are so many ways to fundraise for nature. If you choose the RSPB, get started here
  14. Join a community group – Find your local RSPB group here
  15. Breathe in nature
  16. Move in nature – For an accurate map of your local area with footpaths marked, try Ordnance Survey maps here


  1. Eat more plants – If you don’t want to rely on meat substitutes, there’s a whole world of vegetarian and vegan recipes out there
  2. Easy on the cheese
  3. Better meat, less often – To reduce your meat intake in general, there’s a whole world of vegetarian and vegan recipes out there. Just try searching online or pick up one of the UK’s bestselling cookbooks suggested by BBC Good Food.
  4. Give oat milk a go
  5. Cut food waste
  6. Share your spare food – Join millions of people giving away food and other household items to their neighbours at the touch of a button, all for free, with the OLIO app
  7. Eat seasonably – For a calendar of what’s in season when, tips, ideas and even step-by-step instructions to grow your own, visit Eat Seasonably

Home and beyond:

  1. Swap planes for trains – If you take a holiday by train instead, book your tickets through Trainsplit, which will offset your travel. Find out more here
  2. Go flight free – Show your commitment with a pledge at Flight Free
  3. Walk or cycle locally
  4. Cycle to work
  5. Get financial help to save energy – Use the Gov.Uk website to find out what you can do to make your home more energy efficient
  6. Get things repaired – Repair Cafes are becoming more and more popular around the country: see if there’s one in your area by searching on this list
  7. Buy pre-loved clothes
  8. Perfect your recycling – Have a look at the Recycle Now website for all the info you could ever need about recycling
  9. Avoid disposable plastics – At the RSPB shop you can find a range of products to replace single use plastics, from food wraps to water bottles and reusable bamboo cutlery
  10. Get a smart meter


The RSPB is the largest nature conservation charity in the country, consistently delivering successful conservation, forging powerful new partnerships with other organisations and inspiring others to stand up and give nature the home it deserves. From now until 2030, we’ll be focusing on some ambitious plans and targets – working together with you, and our partners, to collectively change the fate of nature.

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