Thrive with plant-based food

Thrive’s vision when it opened in July 2020 was to give everyone in Cambridge the opportunity, through 100% plant-based ingredients, to experience delicious food and drink that is considerate of our planet and the other animals we share it with. In this video, James, part of the Thrive team, explains some of the ways in which this independent cafe demonstrates being conscious of their environmental impact as a business.

When it comes to the environmental impacts of our food choices, plant-based trumps its animal-based counterparts because of the vast difference in resources (energy, fresh water, land etc.) required to produce the same amount of calories. For example, according to a Harvard Law School study, to produce one calorie of eggs or dairy, 6 plant calories are required. The numbers are even higher for meat, with beef coming out on top (37 plant calories required for one calorie of beef).

Within the umbrella of plant-based food, some are environmentally superior to others. For example, when it comes to plant-based milk, oat milk is less environmentally-damaging than almond milk. However, as this article points out, as long as you’re choosing a plant-based milk over dairy milk, you’re already addressing the majority of environmental concerns surrounding milk production. But enough of the stats, how do we implement these changes of habit into our daily lives?

A great way to start is by “veganising” your favourite meals — creating your favourites with plant-based ingredients instead of those you’ve become accustomed to. Love spaghetti Bologanse? Use soya mince. Is cereal your go-to breakfast? Use a plant-based milk. With some creativity, you can use seitan, tempeh or tofu to replicate the taste and texture of foods you’re used to — or create something new altogether!

To support your plant-based shift, there are countless free online resources inundated with recipes like Veganuary. Such a change in habits can seem daunting at first, but after a short while it will become second nature and you may very well find the process enjoyable — leaving you with only one regret; that you hadn’t started sooner. And of course, for when you need a night off from cooking, you have the option of dining at your local plant-based cafe and bistro.


Thrive is a vibrant plant-based cafe, bistro & venue in Norfolk Street, Cambridge.

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