Taking action for the nature near you!

This year is the year for NATURE! Let’s celebrate our passion for the natural world through small, or large actions – either together or as individuals and start a movement for nature. Take a look at the actions YOU can take, near you…

We all know how important the natural world is to our wellbeing – and that’s become more apparent than ever.

From enjoying the uplifting sound of birdsong through an open window, to getting a welcome dose of fresh air and exercise in a local park, to drawing precious finds from ambles in the countryside - people across the UK are turning to nature for solace, perhaps for the first time.

What actions are you taking?

As Spring emerges, it’s a great time to embrace renewed appreciation for the world around us and work together to build the future we want to see. It’s time to take action for nature!
Whether you feed your neighbourhood wildlife, lobby your MP, write a protest song or eat less meat and dairy – it all contributes to our shared passion and love of the natural world – and it all helps!

The RSPB has been collecting wonderful stories since last summer, from people across the UK, where individuals and communities like yours have shared their love of nature and what small actions they are taking to help save it. We want to create a positive movement! Below, you will find a range of different ways that you can act for nature. We hope it inspires you, we hope you share this message with friends and family and we hope that by doing these small actions – you feel a part of something bigger!

1. Community

If you enjoy being outdoors and meeting others in your local patch – there are a range of opportunities in and around Cambridge that offer connection to the natural world and like-minded individuals; as well as the chance to give nature a helping hand…

CoFarm Cambridge are co-creating Cambridge’s first community farm on 7-acres of privately-owned agricultural land in Cambridge’s Green Belt, right next to Coldhams Common – a very special green space in Cambridge. This wonderful place, once depicting an empty field – is now home to a mosaic of wildflowers, sprouting veg, tumbling leaves and winding paths.

Essentially, this hidden gem facilitates ‘community growing’ with volunteers from across Cambridge coming together to produce fruit, vegetables and plants that are then given back to the local community, currently through 8 community food hubs across the city to support people experiencing food insecurity.

A simple, effective and wonderful idea that not only brings people together within and for nature; it facilitates skill sharing, knowledge and inter-generational learnings – but also allows people to meet others and give back to their community.

Watch their wonderful video here.

2. Eco-shopping!

  • If you’re interested in plastic waste, recycling, eco-products, sustainability and all things beautiful and bought – head over to Norfolk Street and the new zero-waste, plastic-free and organic shop – Full Circle.
  • There are also beautiful, nature-friendly shops such as Arjuna Wholefoods and The Hemp Store (which runs from Cambridge Market Square on Sundays).
  • Whatever you’re looking for, between them – they should be able to point you in the right direction.
  • Supporting local businesses that care about the planet is the first step in your eco journey!

3. Reducing your footprint

Cambridge is set-up for cycling, with a network of cycle lanes and what feels like more bike shops than cafes sometimes!

Wander the streets and check out the second-hand bike stores near you, maybe you’ll find the perfect bike to start your eco-friendly transporting on!

If you don’t want to buy and prefer to rent for the day, Rutland Bike Hire offer a range of bikes.

If you’re looking for a form of transport for your kids, then wind your way along Mill Rd to Hope Street Yard and the fab School Run Centre.

For more general, Cambridge-related, bike-goodness – head over to the folks at Cam Cycle.

It’s not just cycling that’s available; walking is also a fantastic way of getting around and seeing the city. Cambridge is fairly small in comparison to other cities, so traversing between shops, parks, sites and green space is easy.

Footprints Tours offer a free walking tour through Cambridge, for those newer to the city.

For those who are walk-lovers and want to see further afield with like-minded folk, there’s the Cambridge Rambling Club too – immerse yourself in nature, take a friend or your family and connect to nature!

Essentially – whether it’s walking or cycling, or even lift-sharing – it all helps to reduce your carbon footprint, which helps the environment and makes for a greener, more sustainable and safer city.

Cambridge Carbon Footprint can support you with your move to a lower-carbon way of life, take a look, here.

4. Get creative

I’m sure there are many of you asking – how does creativity help nature? Well, being creative whilst in nature – can strengthen your relationship with it. Nature Connection is a really important concept and one that many in the environment sector are adopting as a basis of their engagement work. Derby University are leading on this model, you can read more about it, here.

Even more importantly – getting creative in nature, or even inspired by nature – can lead to others also connecting more deeply to the natural world. Art is a wonderful, inclusive and accessible channel to put your message out to the world. In Cambridge, we have some wonderful public artworks – like the mural on Mill Road’s well know bridge – that showcases the importance of nature and community.

For inspiration – just look at ATM street art and the way that they are highlighting the importance, and loss of, bird species from the UK.

If you need some support to kick-start your creativity, head over to Cambridge Community Arts for access to courses, inspiration and like-minded folk.

5. In the garden…

There are many ways you can help wildlife thrive in your own, green spaces. Whether in your garden, on a balcony, or maybe you’re a part of a local, community garden?

The RSPB has many tips, hints and guides for the best way to help the nature, right on your doorstep! You can even create a personal plan for nature saving – here!

From encouraging bees and hedgehogs to lawns for wildlife – it’s all there, and more. Click here for your all your gardening needs.

If you’re looking to get more involved in gardening and want local advice, or maybe to meet others, why not take a look at the Cambridge Botanical Garden’s Gardening Club. The site has videos on how to harvest and store any grown produce as well as additional information and useful links.

Whatever you’re doing in your garden, whether it’s growing your own produce to reduce plastics, through to creating bee hotels – hopefully the above information is a good start!

Good luck!

For further ideas, why not check out our top nature-friendly tips!


The RSPB is the largest nature conservation charity in the country, consistently delivering successful conservation, forging powerful new partnerships with other organisations and inspiring others to stand up and give nature the home it deserves. From now until 2030, we’ll be focusing on some ambitious plans and targets – working together with you, and our partners, to collectively change the fate of nature.

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