Rubbish cooks

According to the charity FareShare, 3.6 million tonnes of food is wasted by the food industry every year in the UK and over 2 million tonnes of this food, an equivalent of roughly 1.3 billion meals, is still edible. Tristan Welch, Chef Director at Parker’s Tavern is doing his bit to try and tackle this global issue.

Rubbish Cooks, launched by Tristan back in September 2019, is a monthly supper club designed to inspire and educate regarding food waste in the industry. Diners are treated to a three-course menu using ingredients that are usually considered ‘waste’ utilising items such as unwanted and wonky vegetables, fruits, seeds and pulses as well as the classically disregarded parts of fish and meat.

You don’t need to attend the event to become a Rubbish Cook yourself – start small by using the stalk of the broccoli or the leaves of a cauliflower, look out for wonky veg in the supermarket – it tastes exactly the same and will cost you less! The same with dented tins or slightly torn packaging, it’s all destined for the bin, which is outrageous and it is the same wonderful product. Our video here shows you what to do with stale bread, you can mix this recipe up and use a variety of fillings. Just experiment and don’t be afraid of sell by dates!

Parker's Tavern

Parker’s Tavern is a quintessentially British brasserie, found in the heart of Cambridge. Presided over by Chef Director, Tristan Welch, Parker’s Tavern serves a ‘delicious taste of Cambridge’ from locally sourced ingredients.

From its beautifully designed interior to the carefully hand-picked artistic wall designs, Parker’s Tavern creates a lively atmosphere for diners to enjoy their food. Offering classic British cuisine — using the finest Cambridgeshire produce, the restaurant also includes a diverse cocktail menu, an extensive wine list and a quintessentially English afternoon tea experience.

Adjacent to the restaurant sits the library where guests can enjoy a delicious Afternoon Tea. While enjoying the views of Parker’s Piece and the city’s iconic Regent Street, diners will have the opportunity to experience a taste of Cambridge history with each bite.

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