Recipes to save your most wasted foods from the bin!

Some of the most commonly wasted foods in UK homes are:

  1. Potatoes – 5.8 million whole potatoes daily!
  2. Bread – 24 million slices daily!
  3. Milk – 5.8 million glasses of mil daily!
  4. Bananas – 1.4 million edible bananas daily
  5. Salad – 178 million bags of salad every year!

Rather than chuck them here’s some recipe inspiration for how to be creative and get the most out of these staple food items!






Milk isn’t just for cups of tea, coffee and pouring over your cereal! Here are some recipes to try using leftover milk:

If your milk goes sour, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it. Sour milk can be used to make pancakes or scones.




Ready made bags of salad are really convenient but so easy to forget about at the back of the fridge… here’s what you can do with leftover leaves:

  • Whizz up older leaves with some parmesan, a handful of nuts and lots of olive oil to make pesto or try this parmesan free recipe that costs only 13p per a person to make!
  • Make a warming soup instead of letting your lettuce go o waste - a good recipe to use up leftover potatoes as well.
  • Add wilting leaves to a smoothie for a green boost!
  • Stir leftover leaves into pasta dishes until they wilt - you won’t be able to tell if they’re a little past their best!
  • Grilled lettuce wedges - a tasty side with some dressing.

If these dont take your fancy, try this hand tool to find a leftover food recipe and reduce food waste!

Cambridge Sustainable Food

Who we are: Cambridge Sustainable Food is an innovative and growing partnership of public, private and community organisations in Cambridge and the surrounding villages. We work with each other to promote a vibrant local food system all along the supply chain and in our community.

What we do: Cambridge Sustainable Food campaigns to achieve healthy and sustainable food for everyone. We help to drive change to create a thriving food culture that is focused on everybody’s wellbeing, supports farmers’ livelihoods and builds a strong food economy. Our Food for our Future campaign is funded by South Cambridgeshire District Council through a Zero Carbon Communities grant.

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