Pension power

Our pensions aren’t just preparing us for retirement. They are invested in companies and have huge collective weight in our economy. They build the world around us. They are almost always invested in fossil fuel companies.

At this online ShareAction Pension Power Training attendees learnt about:

  • The impact our pension investments have on the world around us, and how they can be a force for change
  • What your pension is invested in and the impact it is having on the world
  • What you can do to take action and use your pension as a lever for environmental and social change

If you couldn't make this session, not to worry – we have a load of online content that you can access! Start by watching our video below and then visit our website to learn and take action.


ShareAction are a campaigning organisation who are dedicated to making the mainstream financial system responsible for its impacts, while mobilising its power to address the challenges we face. We want a world where finance powers social and environmental progress!

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