How to create a butterfly haven

After the agricultural intensification of the British landscape during the 1970’s a remarkable amount of semi-natural habitat and therefore a whole host of astonishing species were lost. This loss was never truly acknowledged by the British public and so conservationists have had an uphill battle for that last 45 years trying to get their message across, that biodiversity loss is an important issue, here in the UK and on your doorstep!

This talk recognises the unique qualities that so many species, particularly butterflies, have that enable to spread to new habitat that has been recently created for them and ultimately urges the audience to go out and do their bit to reconnect with nature by making a locally appropriate habitat, in an intelligent way.

Dr Dan Danahar

Dr Dan Danahar is a biodiversity educationalist who has worked in his adopted home city of Brighton & Hove to promote the importance of engaging people with nature, so they recognise why biodiversity loss is important. He has done this through citizens science schemes such as the Big Biodiversity Butterfly Count and Bee Aware, as well as engaging the public with major habitat restoration schemes to help create a renascence in the relationship between the public and their local natural heritage.

This work naturally led Dan to founding Corfu Butterfly Conservation in 2019 to stimulate informed interest and produce robust scientific data that can be used to influence policy and protect habitat for the benefit of Corfu’s butterflies and the wider natural environment. With the immediate aim to record the distribution of butterflies on the island in the Corfu Butterfly Survey, and ultimately, to publish an atlas of Corfu Butterflies based on this information.

Dan retired from Dorothy Stringer School in February 2021.

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