Creating ponds for nature

Over 1 million ponds disappeared in the UK during the 20th century. Creating ponds is a great way to boost nature. They provide habitat for those species that live in or near water, from fish and frogs to dragonflies and beetles. Water is also important for other wildlife, that need it to drink and bathe, especially during long periods of dry weather. Cambridge has suffered two of these in the past two years. Wildlife such as birds, bats, hedgehogs and deer will all benefit. Environmental charities, like Cambridge Past, Present & Future, are creating new ponds and wetland on the land that they own but you can also create your own pond or provide water for wildlife, even in the smallest of spaces.

There is plenty of online advice about creating a pond for wildlife. One of the easiest ways to do this is to buy a pre-formed wildlife pond, which has shallow margins so creatures can get in and out. These come at a range of sizes, down to 70cm in length. To install it just dig a hole. It’s that simple. Then fill your pond up with water. If you do nothing else, it will attract wildlife but you can give a helping hand by adding soil, rocks and some native water plants. If you don’t have a garden where you can build a pond then you can still provide a water feature in a yard or small space. Simply fill a pot with pebbles, add water and put it in a spot where creatures can reach it – you will be amazed what it attracts.

Cambridge Past, Present & Future

Cambridge Past, Present & Future is the local charity that cares about the heritage of Cambridge and its green landscapes. It campaigns, owns and cares for countryside for the benefit of nature and people.

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