Clingfilm alternative

Sir David Attenborough’s passion for our planet is so enchanting that vast swathes of people are inspired to shift their behaviour. When Blue Planet II began to air at the end of 2017, a wave of fascination and disgust began to flood the planet as the devastation plastic is causing to our oceans was revealed to us.

Cambridge born BeeBee & Leaf was just in its infancy back then, just a small start-up business founded by Kath Austin. Kath had created a viable alternative to clingfilm by infusing organic cotton with a wax formula which seals around food or bowls using the heat of your hands. The BeeBee wrap uses beeswax, and the latest innovation, launched in 2020, was a ‘without compromise’ vegan version called the Leaf wrap.

The use of these kinds of products, that use natural, non-plasticised components, allow everyone to maintain the same storage and packaging habits that they do currently, whilst being less harmful to our environment. The wraps keep food fresher for longer too and that means less food waste. That was one the reasons Kath developed them in the first place. As an avid sourdough baker she wanted something to keep her bread from going either stale, or worse mouldy, as it could in plastic.

The wraps are available in various sizes, we even offer a long ‘Wrap on a roll’ to cut to size at home and whose box seamlessly inhabits the space left in the drawer by clingfilm. As you will see from the video below, there are many ways that a BeeBee & Leaf wrap can be used. For example, you could buy a Zero Waste Path shampoo bar from Full Circle™ and keep it in one of our wraps. The wraps can even be folded into pouches or bags and used as containers for the plastic-free produce in a zero-waste shop or used to wrap a bunch of flowers from your local florist.

We’re striving for true sustainability and we’ve carved these values into the very core of our business, which is why when our wraps reach the end of their life, they can go in your green bin or even usable as a firelighter on a wood-burning stove or BBQ. This is not the end of our story though. We will keep innovating and we will keep driving for better sustainability. That’s why we’re working towards B Corp status and joining the Planet Mark. Solving the problems our planet is facing is everyone’s business. We’ll keep doing our bit. We know you will too!

BeeBee & Leaf

At BeeBee & Leaf our mission is to help people live a more sustainable life without compromise on aesthetic. Our designs are vibrant and lively so that they are a joy to use. Both the BeeBee (beeswax) and the Leaf (vegan-wax) reusable wax food wraps are created to be robust and beautiful in equal measure. With a mission to help you reduce your footprint on the earth, we are proud to say together we have saved over 28 million pieces of plastic entering oceans and landfill.

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