Children and the circular economy: The story of Gobble the Goblin

We all hear and talk about reducing waste, helping the planet, recycling and so forth. We hear concepts about reducing emissions or the circular economy, but how do we explain the next generation what it all means? The more we use a word and understand it, the better decisions we can make. If we are to ask our children to help save the planet, is there a language or examples that they can understand and internalise? By narrating the story of Gobble the Goblin, children can understand why it is important to recycle and why the circular economy is crucial in helping preserve our natural capital.  If children can become familiar with concepts that will help them make better choices as they grow-up, such as the circular economy, then we are giving them the right tools and knowledge to become better citizens. 

A Toy’s Life and Beyond uses the simple concept of the life-cycle of a toy to teach children about why it is important to recycle and what little but impactful changes they can make in their lives which in turn affect the lives of many.

A Toy's Life and Beyond

A Toy’s Life and Beyond‘s purpose is to teach children about recycling in a fun way.  By using the life cycle of a toy, we envisage children can learn about recycling, where materials come from and how they can contribute to the betterment and protection of the environment as well as introducing them to the circular economy concept and sustainability in general. Her founder, Maria Antonieta “Antoinette” Nestor,  is a mother of three boys and passionate about community economic development. She holds a BCL (UCD), LLM (UCLA) and a PhD (TCD). She currently works as an Engagement Manager for Cambridge Zero. 

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