2021 #EarthOptimism Summit

Earth Optimism turned digital for 2021! During the inaugural Cambridge Festival, which ran 26 March - 4 April 2021, over 16,000 people joined us from 135 different countries to celebrate conservation successes through our Stories of Hope programme and to discover practical advice on everyday actions we can all take to make a real difference to the planet.

Have you explored this wealth of content? All of the Stories of Hope talks and Solutions Fair activities are available on demand so why not catch-up now?

There is hope. There is Earth Optimism.

Stories of Hope

More than 30 passionate speakers presented compelling accounts of conservation success. These inspiring talks came from many different sources – from ground-breaking conservationists to inspiring youth champions, and from business leaders to engaged celebrities. We found out what is happening in the Cambridgeshire countryside and in a pioneering secondary school, and we journeyed from the forests of India to the wetlands of Kenya.

These talks were broken down into seven sessions, all of which are available on demand:

  • Reasons for Optimism – Hear diverse perspectives on why the natural world and our responses to the environmental crisis inspire optimism, and discover how prospects for two very different wetlands are changing for the better.
  • Choosing Sustainability – Practical solutions to addressing biodiversity loss and reducing emissions begin with us. Find out what we can do to eat more sustainably, cut out plastic waste, and approach the challenges ahead with ambition and hope.
  • Innovating for Conservation – Stories of achieving conservation success in very different ways – from small-scale fishers to large-scale business, and from science to online gaming.
  • Saving Species – Meet the heroes rescuing species around the world – from Brighton to Mauritius, via Mexico and the Caribbean – and learn what inspires and encourages them.
  • Making Space for Nature – Despite all we hear in the media see there are many places around the world where people are successfully saving and restoring natural habitats. Discover what’s happening here in the UK, in India, and in some of Europe’s most endangered landscapes.
  • Hope for our Planet – Join science broadcaster Liz Bonnin as she talks with the world’s favourite naturalist about why he is optimistic about our planet’s future, and asks him your questions.
  • Stories from Around the World – Discover more inspiring examples of evidence-based conservation successes which are happening around the world.

Here are a few of our favourite talks to get you started:

The importance of the natural world

TV star and presenter Chris Packham explains his reasons for being optimistic about the future of nature, and his insights into why the natural world is so important for us all.

Recovering India’s megafauna

One of India’s leading conservation biologists Dr Krithi Karanth discusses how big creatures are staging a comeback in some of the most densely populated places on Earth.

Restoring landscapes for life

We visit three of Europe’s newest and largest habitat restoration schemes with the Endangered Landscape Programme, and find out their plans for restoring biodiversity and the benefits it brings to people in some of the most exciting conservation programmes on the continent.

In conversation with Sir David Attenborough

Join us for a conservation with Sir David Attenborough. He talked with Liz Bonnin about his hope for our planet before he answered some of your questions about conservation.

Solutions Fair

Recognising that a thriving natural world is achievable only if we are all involved, our family-focused Solutions Fair explores how each of us can make a difference in our everyday lives. With top tips for lowering our food footprint and getting out into nature, and advice on actions from insulating our homes to joining campaigns, the stalls at the Fair set out dozens of practical and effective ideas for change.

The 49 different stalls were divided into 6 rooms, each of which explained how you could make changes in that particular area:

  1. Kitchen – Find out how eating chocolate can save a rainforest, how you can keep fish on your plate and in the sea, what decisions you can make to reduce the impact of your food choices on biodiversity and much more.
  2. Playroom – Activities aimed at children, from how insect pets can teach you about nature, to games to inspire you to get involved in wildlife conservation and from how to get the kids involved and engaged in reducing food waste, to how to make paper pots to reduce plastic pot pollution.
  3. Bedroom, Bathroom & Beyond – How can you green your older home? How can you go plastic-free in the bathroom? What changes can you make to have a practical, meaningful impact? Find out how here.
  4. Garden – There are loads of ways we can make a difference in our gardens, no matter how large or small. Discover how keeping parts of your garden wild can be of great benefit to biodiversity and how you can help Britain’s wild mammals.
  5. Office – Learn how to shrink your carbon footprint, how to separate fact from fiction, ways to help stop deforestation and take action, and how you can bring nature in through biophilic and living design.
  6. Out & About – There are loads of things you can do while out and about. Explore how you can take part in citizen science, connect with nature, help grow our urban forest and take action for the nature near you.

Food for our future

Find out what simple changes to your household food shopping and cooking habits you can make tp help reduce your carbon footprint.

Gardening for a #WilderFuture

The Wildlife Trust for Beds, Cambs and Northants share simple tips for making your outside space, however big or small, better for wildlife. and part of a Nature Recovery Network,

Find the wild in your bathroom

Did you know that wild plants are in the products you use every day? Find out more and learn how you can ensure they're sustainable!

Shrink your carbon footprint

Want to take action on climate change? Take part in this activity to learn more about carbon footprints, calculate your own, and find out how you can reduce your carbon emissions to help others too.

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Inspiring talks by leading conservationists, popular naturalists, and passionate celebrities

Solutions Fair

Practical and effective ideas ideas for making a difference in our everyday lives.

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Documentaries and films showcasing conservation successes.

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Films from other Earth Optimism events around the world.