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Growing Hope in Malawi

Researchers at Anglia Ruskin University have partnered with NGO Malawi Fruits, and the Malawi Government’s Agricultural Research Team, to test a novel new organic fertiliser produced from cattle waste. Could these problematic waste products be recycled into organic fertiliser with the potential to regenerate Malawi’s rapidly degrading soil?

Precious pangolins caught on camera in Vietnam

When it comes to optimism about the future of our planet – the Vietnam programme of Fauna & Flora International…

Balancing the books for nature

The world’s first comprehensive tool linking environmental change with its consequences for the economy has been launched.

Enter the Wildeverse – the company transforming the conservation narrative

Based on individual animals living in the wild today, and the people working to protect them, Wildeverse is an immersive, narrative-based game that allows you to turn your home into a living, breathing jungle.

Saving the Albatross

There are 22 species of albatross in the world. As well as being the largest flying birds on the planet, they are incredibly long-lived and form long pair bonds, with some of the oldest known pairs breeding into their 60’s!

How capacity building creates real conservation impacts

Caleb Ofori and David Kwarteng are two remarkable Ghanaians who have always had a passion for biodiversity, frogs in particular. This is their story of determination and success in the conservation of endangered species.

Why we need optimism in conservation

When someone describes me as an optimistic person, I never know whether to take that as a compliment or a patronising judgement. As always, it comes down to how the term optimistic is defined.