Earth Optimism Nairobi

21st March 2021

Globally, Earth Optimism is going to be celebrated against a backdrop of a pandemic that has been greatly disruptive across the world. In many cases one might find themselves questioning are there any reasons for optimism?

Earth Optimism Nairobi is a virtual event that will be taking place from March 29th to 4th April under the overarching theme of restoration. We will showcase Stories of Hope; and demonstrate that indeed there are great reasons for optimism.

The stories of hope cut across the four thematic areas;

  1. Environmental conservation: species and habitats
  2. Climate action: adaptation, mitigation and Innovation
  3. Sustainable food systems: ecological agriculture, food security and nutrition
  4. Communities: site action, research and capacity building.

These stories focus on every day citizens and communities that are taking positive action to conserve and protect their environment. They are stories that will inspire positivity and spark action among citizens in the field of agriculture, environment and conservation.

The most fascinating bit of all of these is seeing the drive among citizens to make their communities, towns and country a better place despite of the challenges these people face.  And they are using the very little resources they have to achieve their goals.


What are some of the stories you can expect?  There have been a lot of efforts to clean Nairobi River, how much do you know about its source, Ondiri Wetland?  Do you know about the only quaking bog in Kenya and the second deepest wetland in Africa?  Find out how the community has taken up and owned this valuable habitat to bring cranes back and change people’s attitudes to this iconic bird.

Rungiri Dam has had an infamous reputation but youth in the community are rewriting the story of the dam as a safe recreational space.

What does it take to grow an indigenous forest? Listen to the inspiring story of Brackenhurst forest and meet the people behind the 25-year-old forest.

When it comes to Community Forest Associations Ngare Dare Forest Trust is among the top in the country. Find out how they have succeeded in maintaining the Forest People and Planet balance.

These are but a few of the amazing stories to look out for.

How can you take part? Share #YourStory and tell us what you are doing for the environment in your own way. Interact with us through #EarthOptimismVoices and @earthnairobi

Earth Optimism Nairobi

Earth Optimism Nairobi is happening 29 March - 4 April. Find out more on their website and join in the conversation on Twitter.
This article was written by Nyawira Gitaka who is a passionate conservationist key on environmental education and communication on environmental matters. She is the Earth Optimism Nairobi Coordinator.