Earth Optimism is a worldwide movement aimed at fundamentally shifting how we frame the environmental narrative, from one of doom and gloom to one focused on solutions and success. Earth Optimism has emerged from two key realisations: that fear without hope leads to apathy rather than action, and that conservation successes are numerous but largely invisible to the general public.

The last few years have seen an unprecedented groundswell of concern for the future of our planet.

Earth Optimism 2021 will respond to the call for positive change, and help translate activism to action. Led by the Cambridge Conservation Initiative, this online celebration will bring people together to share our understanding of what works in conservation and how we can make the changes we know are needed on the ground, in the workplace, and in our everyday lives. Across generations and across the world people are calling for action, and asking for that action to evidence-based. Earth Optimism 2021 will showcase some of the extraordinary efforts already being made, explore why they are working, and consider how they can be scaled up.

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2017 #EarthOptimism Summit

In the Stories of Hope programme, visitors heard personal stories from inspiring speakers. Each session was live-streamed and recorded.

Cambridge Conservation Initiative

This unique partnership between the University of Cambridge and nine internationally focused conservation organisations is based at the Conservation Campus in the David Attenborough Building.

The Cambridge Festival

Earth Optimism is running in conjunction with the Cambridge Festival which is happening 26 March - 4 April 2021.