What is Earth Optimism?

Earth Optimism is a worldwide movement aimed at fundamentally shifting how we frame the environmental narrative, from one of doom and gloom to one focused on solutions and success. It has emerged from two key realisations: that fear without hope leads to apathy rather than action, and that conservation successes are numerous but largely invisible to the general public. Together we are responding to the call for evidence-based efforts and positive change.

Through a wealth of content and events, Earth Optimism Cambridge (led by Cambridge Conservation Initiative) shares success stories to inspire and solutions to make a difference with the people of the city and beyond.

Cambridge Conservation Initiative

The Cambridge Conservation Initiative (CCI) is a unique collaboration between the University of Cambridge and nine leading internationally focused biodiversity conservation organisations based in and around Cambridge, UK.

Global Earth Optimism

Earth Optimism doesn't just happen in Cambridge – it’s a worldwide movement. Take a look at what we're achieving across the globe.

Connect with Us

We'd love to hear your stories of #EarthOptimism - please get in touch using the #EarthOptimism hashtag.