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Be inspired by conservation success

There is Hope. There is Earth Optimism.

Given the crisis facing nature, it is all too easy to give up hope. Yet around the globe we are winning the fight to protect the natural world. Wetlands are being rebuilt, deforestation is slowing down in many places, and numbers of some of our rarest creatures are on the rise. People are making this change happen.

We need to celebrate these successes in conservation - to uplift us, inspire us, and help us build a new path forward. The #EarthOptimism movement brings people together to talk about what's working to protect the future of our planet and shares ways for every one of us to be part of the solution.

Stories to Inspire

Embark on a journey of inspiration as you explore evidence-based conservation success stories providing hope for our planet.

Make a Difference

Discover a wealth of practical solutions and manageable actions that you can take to make a difference and help save the natural world.

"We all know that there are great problems, we don't hear enough perhaps of some of the successes"

Sir David Attenborough

About Us

Earth Optimism is a worldwide movement shifting how we frame the environmental narrative, from doom and gloom to solutions and success.


Attend an Earth Optimism Cambridge event and hear from some of the world’s leading conservationists and most passionate celebrities.