Celebrating Global #EarthOptimism this Earth Day and beyond

In the last year, the #EarthOptimism movement has gained momentum. Through sharing and learning from conservation wins, it has given us the inspiration and information we need to succeed in the long term.

Now, in this unprecedented and difficult time, we need optimism more than ever—to uplift us, inspire us, and help us imagine a new path forward. The #EarthOptimism movement continues to bring people together to talk about what's working to protect the future of our planet. Although we are no longer able to hold physical events in April this year, global partners are working hard to find new ways to recognize and celebrate environmental successes as motivation for action.

In light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak the CCI Earth Optimism 2020 organising team has decided to postpone our 25 April event. We very much regret the inconvenience and disappointment this creates for so many people, but feel it would be irresponsible to carry on in the current climate of concern and uncertainty.

We were expecting more than 50 speakers from around the country, 200 stallholders and volunteers, and thousands of visitors on the day. The health and safety of everyone involved is our priority, which guided this very difficult decision.

Thanks to your contributions 25 April promised to be a wonderful day. We still aim to capture that enthusiasm and optimism, and together with our partners around the world we are now exploring other ways of celebrating conservation success.  In the meantime if you have any questions, please get in touch with us at earthoptimism@jbs.cam.ac.uk or send us a message via our social channels.


Everyone is welcome at #EarthOptimism Cambridge, and all events are free to attend.

Solutions Fair

Come along and find out practical and effective ideas you can do to make a difference in your everyday life.

Stories of Hope

The day will be filled with inspiring talks by leading conservationists, popular naturalists, and celebrity figures.

#EarthOptimism around the world

#EarthOptimism Cambridge is just one of a series of events taking place around the world on Earth Day 2020.

Have a look at the sister events happening across the world on the interactive map from the Smithsonian Conservation Commons.

Just finished the #EarthOptimism workshop on @edXOnline. Definitely going to keep the conversation about conservation going! How can we make the world a better place for tomorrow?

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