Earth Optimism 2020

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Earth Optimism Cambridge happened in conjunction with the Cambridge Festival between 26 March and 4 April 2021

Given the crisis facing nature, it is all too easy to give up hope. Yet around the globe we are winning the fight to protect the natural world. Wetlands are being rebuilt. In some places, deforestation is slowing down. Numbers of some of our rarest creatures are on the rise. People are making this change happen.

In these unprecedented and difficult times, we need optimism more than ever - to uplift us, inspire us, and help us build a new path forward. The #EarthOptimism movement brings people together to talk about what's working to protect the future of our planet. Through Earth Optimism, we invite you to learn what is working in conservation and why. Discover how every one of us can become more involved in the fight to protect the natural world. Join hands with people around the world in a global movement of #EarthOptimism

Stories of Hope

Inspiring talks by leading conservationists, popular naturalists, and passionate celebrities.

Solutions Fair

Ideas and activities for making a difference in our everyday lives.

Film Festival

Documentaries and films showcasing conservation sucesses.

Global Earth Optimism

Highlights from other Earth Optimism events around the world

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