Tony Martin


Tony Martin is Professor of Animal Conservation at the University of Dundee and was formerly a zoologist with the British Antarctic Survey and Sea Mammal Research Unit in Cambridge.

Tony Martin

From 2010 until 2016 Tony directed a project which set out to eradicate introduced rodents from the island of South Georgia -; by far the largest operation of its kind ever attempted. When not plotting the demise of invasive predators, Tony spends time in the Amazon studying dolphins and is a consultant on wetland conservation.

Reclaiming South Georgia

South Georgia, an Overseas Territory of the UK, is a sub-Antarctic jewel. When named by Captain Cook in 1775, the island was home to perhaps the greatest concentration of birds on the planet. Soon afterwards, rats and mice escaped from visiting ships and munched their way through the wildlife. Tony will talk about the campaign to eradicate the invaders that has recently concluded, and as a result of which the native fauna is already making a spectacular comeback.