Stories of Hope

The Stories of Hope programme is filled with inspiring talks by groundbreaking conservationists, inspiring youth leaders, and celebrity figures. We will find out what is happening in the Cambridgeshire countryside and in pioneering British schools, and we will journey from the forests of India to the grasslands of Kenya.

Reasons for Optimism

Chaired by Rosie Trevelyan and Andrew Balmford

On Reasons for Earth Optimism Lily Cole
Evidence for Optimism Netta Weinstein

Conscious Choices for Wildlife

Transitioning to a Zero Carbon Future Emily Shuckburgh
Cutting Food Waste and Emissions at the University Scale  Emma Garnett & Nick White
Mapping the Ivory Trade Sam Wasser
Ocean Optimism in the Wake of Plastic Pollution Heather Koldewey

Saving Species

Chaired by Stu Butchart

Bringing Back Mauritian Biodiversity Carl Jones
Rewilding India Krithi Karanth
Golden Lion Tamarin Tales in Rio Associação Mico Leão Dourado
Raising Butterflies in the UK and Ghana Dorothy Stringer School

In Conversation with David Attenborough

Restoring Habitat

Chaired by Tony Juniper

Reviving Geltsdale Nature Reserve Martin Harper
What Takes for Marine Protected Areas to Succeed David Gill
Tropical Rainforests Making a Comeback Steve Backshall
Students and Farmers: An Unlikely Conservation Partnership Penpont Project Youth Leaders

Community Action for Nature

Chaired by Veronica Pickering

Restoring Community Mangroves in Kenya Mikoko Pamoja
Inclusive Conservation Mya-Rose Craig, @Birdgirl
Racing the Snow Leopard Raff Mares

Speakers - more TBC