Mike Hoffmann


A mammologist by training, Mike Hoffmann’s background includes work in inter-governmental (IUCN), non-governmental (ZSL, WCMC, Conservation International) and academic (University of Oxford, University of Pretoria) environments, and extensive experience in international species conservation.

Mike Hoffmann

Currently Head of Global Conservation Programmes at ZSL, he recently served as Senior Scientist to the IUCN’s Species Survival Commission, the largest network of conservation professionals in the world. Together with colleagues in IUCN, BirdLife International and others, he has pioneered work demonstrating the difference conservation makes to trends in biodiversity. Besides numerous peer-reviewed publications, he is the editor of the multi-volume, encyclopaedic Mammals of Africa – taking 13 years to complete, it required plenty of optimism!

Is conservation making the world a better place?

In the face of increasing pressures on the world’s wildlife, despite new protected areas and increased investment in conservation it’s easy to assert that we as a collective conservation community aren’t achieving any impact. The overall message the public hears is that the situation is dire, perhaps irreversible, and that conservation actions aren’t making a difference. This world view needs changing: while the situation facing the world’s wildlife is serious, evidence shows that there is much to be positive about - and that should incentivise conservation efforts globally.