Jose Ambrocio


Jose Ambrocio is a Municipal Councilor of Looc, Occidental Mindoro, an area in the Philippines that is heavily dependent on fisheries.

Jose Ambrocio

Jose is also the town’s focal point for coastal fisheries management problems and a Rare Fellow. Jose has seen the detrimental effects of unsustainable fisheries management: after years of illegal fishing and working for a commercial trawl, he decided to make a positive contribution to his community. The election as the chair of his village’s youth council led to a successful career in public service. As a Municipal Councilor, Jose chairs the agriculture and environment committee, works closely with NGOs, and leads a team that establishes Marine Protected Areas. He has turned into an ardent advocate of sustainable resource management, and with Rare’s support, he is inspiring more fishers to adopt environmentally sound fishing practices.

Fish Forever in the Philippines - replicating a solution that works

Jose Ambrocio, a Rare Fellow, will share his experience of an approach to marine conservation that has led his community to realise the benefits of protecting the ocean by establishing Managed Access Areas and Sanctuaries. Inspired by social marketing and behavioral psychology, Rare’s method not only offers a solution to the problems of the Philippine fishing communities but also transforms the way people perceive their environment.