Debbie Pain


Debbie Pain has worked in international conservation since finishing her DPhil on lead poisoning in birds 30 years ago.

Debbie Pain

. Initially an environmental toxicologist, her work has included the impacts of agricultural policy, contaminants and climate change on birds and ways of building effective reserve networks. A key focus has been helping the recovery of threatened species. She worked in the Camargue for 4 years and at RSPB as Head of International Research for 15 years. For the last 9 years she has been Director of Conservation at WWT. Debbie is a passionate birder, wildlife explorer, traveller and conservationist.

Bringing birds back from the brink

In this talk Debbie will present examples of how bird species with tiny or fast declining populations and affected by different threats can be helped to recover. While such projects may initially seem costly, they inevitably produce much wider benefits for wildlife, habitats and people. The examples presented show that even when a population is down to the last few pairs, we do not have to accept species extinction and the impoverishment of the natural world.