Dan Danahar


Dan Danahar is a Biodiversity Educationalist working at Dorothy Stringer School in Brighton.

Dan Danahar

He has led a number of local biodiversity-related initiatives, including persuading the public to count butterflies, which in turn inspired the national charity Butterfly Conservation to develop the Big Butterfly Count. He also introduced Butterfly Havens as a habitat restoration approach for chalk grassland butterflies, giving the public access to nature on their doorsteps. Most recently he has been producing the “Butterflies of the Biosphere” and “Butterflies of the British Isles” video series, both of which can be viewed on YouTube. Dan is Executive Trustee of the charitable company Big Nature, which aims to revitalise the relationship between people and their local wildlife by creating natural habitats within the UNESCO designated Brighton & Lewes Downs Biosphere region.


How to become a naturalist - a lesson in biodiversity education

In this talk Dan will outline the development of biodiversity education practices over the past 18 years, at a bog standard comprehensive school in the city of Brighton & Hove. These practices were designed to engage pupils, and the community within which they live, with the natural world on their doorsteps.