Carolina Soto-Vargas


Carolina Soto-Vargas has worked on a number of conservation projects, including a spell at Panthera Foundation for 5 years as Program Manager for the Northern South America Jaguar Program.

Carolina Soto-Vargas

She was part of the team that established the first jaguar corridor in Colombia, and was a co-author of A Guide to the Wildcats of Colombia, the most complete publication on this topic in the country. Carolina has also worked as the environmental advisor for a project that brokered communication between indigenous communities of the Colombian Amazon and the Colombian government. She is interested in developing effective strategies to work with local communities, with a particular focus on improving the quality of life of the individuals within these communities while creating a commitment to conservation of the natural resources and biodiversity they coexist with.

Living with jaguars: an example of co-existence in Colombia

Conservation of jaguars in human landscapes requires implementation of strategies that are favourable both to local communities and to jaguar protection. Carolina will talk about the design and implementation of a corridor for jaguars in the Colombian municipality of Tame. Implementation of this corridor was made possible through capacity building, conservation agreements and a series of incentives to the local community.