About Earth Optimism

What is #EarthOptimism?

Earth Optimism is a worldwide movement aimed at fundamentally shifting how we frame the environmental narrative, from one of doom and gloom to one focused on solutions and success. Earth Optimism has emerged from two key realisations: that fear without hope leads to apathy rather than action, and that conservation successes are numerous but largely invisible to the general public.

The last year has seen an unprecedented groundswell of activism for the future of our planet. Earth Optimism 2020 will respond to the call for positive change, and help translate activism to action. Led by Cambridge Conservation Initiative, the UK event will bring people together to share our understanding of what works in conservation and how we can make the changes we know are needed on the ground, in the workplace, and in our everyday lives.

Across generations and across the world people are calling for action, and asking for that action to evidenced-based. The Cambridge Conservation Initiative is a globally unique collaboration between the University of Cambridge and nine international nature conservation organisations, with acombined reach of over 180 countries. In the twelve years since its inception, the Cambridge Conservation Initiative has been committed to policy, practice, and education informed by world-leading research in the sciences, social sciences, health and technology to preserve our planet.

What is happening on 25 April 2020 in Cambridge?

Sir David Attenborough will open our main Earth Optimism event on 25 April 2020. Speakers including TV presenter Steve Backshall, model and actor Lily Cole and Mya-Rose Craig (aka BirdGirl), alongside conservationists working from the Pennines to the Atlantic Forest of Brazil, and from Wales to the Kenyan coast, will join with the general public in celebrating a day-long programme of Stories of Hope. As well as talks we will stage interviews with conservation entrepreneurs,  videos capturing successes from around the world, and link up with Earth Optimism events in Washington and beyond. At the same time our flagship conservation campus in central Cambridge will host a Solutions Fair where thousands of visitors will discover and share practical advice on everyday actions we can all take to make a real difference to the planet.

2020 will be a critical year for the future of life on earth. Global political commitments negotiated at the IUCN World Conservation Congress in June, and agreed at the Conference of Parties on the Convention on Biological Diversity in Kunming in November, will determine how we address the crisis facing the natural world. Public engagement with and commitment to ambitious action will be key in shaping the political will for ambitious targets, and for their accelerated implementation in the coming decade.


Twitter feed video.#EarthOptimism


🐢Declared #threatened in 1978, giant loggerhead sea #turtles are now breaking nesting records!

#Biodiversity can be restored with comprehensive #conservation efforts🌊 #ConservationOptimism

Looking forward to a future full of sustainable cities. #EarthOptimism

Twitter feed video.Looking forward to a future full of sustainable cities. #EarthOptimism

Mike Hudema@MikeHudema

India is building one of the most sustainable cities in the world. 60% of the city will be green space or water, the buildings will be powered by #solarenergy, and it will create nearly half a million jobs!

We have solutions to the #climate crisis. Let's start implementing them

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