David Amaning Kwarteng


David Amaning Kwarteng is a passionate conservationist and is currently based at the University of Cambridge, where he is a student on the MPhil in Conservation Leadership course.

David Amaning Kwarteng

. In 2010 David co-founded Herp Conservation Ghana to spearhead the conservation of imperilled biodiversity, especially amphibians and reptiles and their habitats. He coordinates Herp Conservation Ghana’s annual capacity building programme, Ecology Field School, which aims to build the knowledge base of the next generation of conservation leaders in Ghana. He is also involved in several community engagement, climate change adaptation, and biodiversity conservation projects, whilst driving policies to ensure sustainable management of Ghana’s natural resources.

Leap from the brink - how the slippery frog overcame extinction

The Togo slippery frog was thought extinct for about 40 years until its recent rediscovery. Considered as chief meat by
communities of the land where it occurs, the species faced
threats from human consumption and habitat loss, and urgent actions were needed to ensure its long-term survival. This talk focuses on the journey of hope travelled thus far, and touches on the role of capacity building and effective community engagement in saving imperilled species.