2017 #EarthOptimism Summit

On Saturday 22 April 2017 –Earth Day – the Cambridge Conservation Initiative hosted its inaugural Earth Optimism Summit. An estimated 1,500 people visited the David Attenborough Building. Over 70 volunteers, many of them sixth-form students, worked alongside contributors to ensure it was an unforgettable day.

Stories of Hope talks programme

In the Stories of Hope programme visitors heard personal stories from inspiring speakers. Each session was live streamed and recorded.   

The first session of #EarthOptimism’s Stories of Hope programme was introduced by Ben Garrod, and featured Dame Jane Goodall, who gave the opening address.

What visitors said:
"I'd like to say a big BIG thank you for such a wonderful, informative, revealing and positive day. I have come away with some new ideas of how to keep spreading the message to protect our ever increasingly fragile planet and all its variety of inhabitants."

Hands-on Solutions Fair

Over 30 local, national and international organisations showcased a variety of practical ways that people can make a real difference for the planet through their everyday lives. The Fair was divided into four themes, each of which looked at an aspect of daily life:

Bright Ideas
Eating well
Buying Smart
Going WIld

Visitors were surprised when Sir David Attenborough attended the Solutions Fair to meet stall holders and share his encouragement!

All photos on this page: copyright Toby Smith/CCI

What visitors said:
"It was truly inspirational, a day which everyone present will remember. I had so many great conversations, met wonderful people, shared experiences and rarely stopped smiling."


Thank you to our sponsors for making the 2017 Cambridge Earth Optimism Summit possible!


What visitors said:
"It was utterly incredible and such a great opportunity. There was such a fantastic buzz throughout the day - it was clearly an amazing success."