Given the crisis facing nature, it is all too easy to give up hope.

Yet, around the globe we are winning the fight to protect the natural world. Deforestation is slowing down. Wetlands are being rebuilt. Numbers of some of our rarest creatures are on the rise. People are making this change happen.

Stand with us to celebrate Earth Day, learn what is working in conservation and why. Discover how every one of us can become more involved in the fight to protect the natural world. Join hands with people around the world in a global movement of



Everyone is welcome at #EarthOptimism Cambridge, and all events are free to attend.

Solutions Fair

Come along and find out practical and effective ideas you can do to make a difference in your everyday life.

Stories of Hope

The day will be filled with inspiring talks by leading conservationists, popular naturalists, and celebrity figures.

#EarthOptimism around the world

#EarthOptimism Cambridge is just one of a series of events taking place around the world on Earth Day 2020.

Have a look at the sister events happening across the world on the interactive map from the Smithsonian Conservation Commons.

This I did not know. My news to me good news for feb 17 #earthoptimism

Twitter feed video.This I did not know. My news to me good news for feb 17 #earthoptimism

World Economic Forum@wef

It has three of the world’s five biggest solar farms.

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